Welcome to the KSEM 2023

The 16th International Conference on Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management (KSEM 2023) will be held in Guangzhou, China on August 16-18, 2023.

The aim of this interdisciplinary conference is to provide a forum for researchers in the broad areas of knowledge science, knowledge engineering, and knowledge management to exchange ideas and to report state of the art research results. KSEM is in the list of CCF (China Computer Federation) recommended Conferences (C series, Artificial Intelligence). The proceedings of KSEM 2023 will be published in Springer Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence volume.

KSEM 2023 is the sixteenth in this series, which builds on the success of previous events of the International Conference on Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management in Guilin, China (KSEM 2006); Melbourne, Australia (KSEM 2007); Vienna, Austria (KSEM 2009); Belfast, UK (KSEM 2010); Irvine, USA (KSEM 2011), Dalian, China (KSEM 2013); Sibiu, Romania (KSEM 2014); Chongqing, China (KSEM 2015); Passau, Germany (KSEM 2016); Melbourne, Australia (KSEM 2017); Changchun, China (KSEM 2018); Athens, Greece(KSEM 2019); Hangzhou, China (KSEM 2020); Tokyo, Japan (KSEM 2021) and Singapore(KSEM 2022).

More information about KSEM, please visit: http://www.ksem.conferences.academy/

Award Announcement: Please check the awards announcement of KSEM 2023.

KSEM 2024 in Birmingham, United Kingdom: We are pleased to announce KSEM 2024 will be held in Birmingham, United Kingdom.







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