Award Announcement of KSEM 2023

In KSEM 2023, we issue one Best Paper Award and two Best Paper Runner Up Awards; one Best Student Paper Award and two Best Student Paper Runner Up Awards as follows.

Best Paper Award:

HBay: Predicting Human Mobility via Hyperspherical Bayesian Learning
Li Huang, Kai Liu, Chaoran Liu, Qiang Gao, Xiao Zhou and Guisong Liu

Best Student Paper Award:

Semi-supervised Entity Alignment via Noisy Student-based Self Training
Yihe Liu and Yuanfei Dai

Best Paper Runner Up Award:

CoMeta: Enhancing Meta Embeddings with Collaborative Information in Cold-start Problem of Recommendation
Haonan Hu, Dazhong Rong, Jianhai Chen, Qinming He and Zhenguang Liu

Explainable Multi-type Item Recommendation System based on Knowledge Graph
Chao Chang, Junming Zhou, Weisheng Li, Zhengyang Wu and Yong Tang.

Best Student Paper Runner Up Award:

Learning-based Dichotomy Graph Sketch for Summarizing Graph Streams with High Accuracy
Ding Li, Wenzhong Li, Yizhou Chen, Xu Zhong, Mingkai Lin and Sanglu Lu

A Legal Multi-Choice Question Answering Model Based on BERT and Attention
Guibin Chen, Xudong Luo and Junlin Zhu

The KSEM 2023 organizing committee also gives appreciation to Prof. Yuncheng Jiang, Prof. Robert Buchmann and Prof. Yaxin Bi in recognition for the service and contribution as the program committee chairs.







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